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February 19, 2006
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contemplation by spryte-21 contemplation by spryte-21
yooosh ok the thing ive had everybody waiting for is finally here yaay.. >w<
for for catching my 2000 kiriban w00t.. ive owed this since like last november but thats not important... >_> and thanks to everyone for helping me get this far too! :D :heart:

ok, so about the drawing, first thing, the 'blotches' on the ground are supposed to be the shadows from the trees... ^^; it was hard getting the river how i wanted, i dont know if i got across the right effect.. and the pose actually wasnt as hard as i anticipated! ^_^ making the leaves of the tree was much harder.. o.O (i found out how i should have done it after i did it.. >.< ) the petals dont look like theyre on the water surface but i couldnt do anything about that.. u_u; and hes just there relaxing.. or maybe hes about to get up.. or maybe hes thinking.. whats he thinking about? i dont know.. maybe its 'why are there flower petals floating downstream.. at this time of year?' or maybe its about other stuff.. its all up to you. ^^ i like that character, dunno who he is; i sketched him while bored studying for a vocabulary quiz.. ^.^;
(oh and try to imagine that youre looking at him from the right, slighly in the air, that makes it look closer to how i intended.. ^.^; )

EDIT: ack, sorry the preview is so bad... fullview! ^^ hey, the preview is a jpeg! heheh... ^^;
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Looks great.
Only thing that bugs me is the tree root where it touhes the makes the stream 'float' somewhat.. Other than that, Flawless!
yaay thanks so much! ^_^ :heart:
i thought that root looked a little 1-D but i just left it alone... ^^;
Hey that's cool! :lol:

He kinda reminds me of me on my lunch breaks from college and I go down to the park and sit at a little lake :aww: That's so cool :D And trying to draw leaves floating on water is so hard! I tried it once at that same spot in the park and it didn't turn out right at all! You did a great job ;)

Thanks for the dedication hehe :)
eee yay glad you like it!! >w< wow and it seems to suit you alot too! :D im so happy.. youre welcome!! ^_^

(theyre petals not leaves... >_> :giggle: )
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